The Bahco Monument in Enkoping

Gravesite of J.P. Johansson

One of the bridges in Enkoping designed by J. P. Johansson

Plaque by the bridge J.P. Johansson designed and built.

J.P. Johansson's Home: Fannalund

Wrenches on display at the museum.

Bahco employees

Some of J.P.'s inventions- A device for cutting leather on the right and part of a wire stretcher above/left.

The building where J.P. started his shop.

Bahco production photo.

A pipe cutter and pipe wrench

J.P. Johansson with some of his inventions- The pipe wrench, adjustable wrench in his vest pocket, and the Triplex lamp.

An industrial fan

A smaller fan

Details of drinking cups for cattle .

Plans for a bridge built by J.P. Johansson

An early picture of Fannalund with J.P.'s daughters.

The interior of Fannalund

The Triplex lamps

The evolution of the adjustable wrench

A hand cranked drill press

Uncle Johansson always had a coin for the kids. The bahco factory is in the background.

Photo of the Bahco factory

Showing a variety of wrenches

More of the eveolution of the adjustable wrench.

More pipe wrenches

The evolution of the pipe wrench

Commemorative wrenches at the museum



A leather sewing machine. Brass wrench in the display to the right. Made with brass so as not to skew compass readings.

The Triplex sugar tongs.

A Triplex pendlar lamp. Commonly used in hospital procedure rooms

A model of fhe original workshop at the museum.

The Bahco factory in Enkoping, Sweden and home of the J.P. Johansson museum