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Larimore Wind Storm of June 2005

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During the early morning hours of June 27 strong winds moved through the Larimore area. Trees were down in town, but the damage was much more extensive a few short miles south of town. 

Trees down in the

Branches and leaves
 scattered out into
 the field.


Trees and debris
 along a driveway.

Broken Branches

More shelterbelt

Shredded trunks 
on road side 
ditch bank. 

Trees leaning 
to the east

Trees leaning and
 broken in shelterbelt

Damage on east side
 of the shelterbelt

Note the downed
 trees the full length
of the shelterbelt

The corn is also
 leaning to the east.
 Note the debris.

Debris from the
 damage on a

Farmstead shelterbelt

A few of the tall
trees remain standing

Tank for irrigation
that rolled 1/2  mile?

Damage to another farmstead shelterbelt

In the distance you can see the shelterbelt is noticeably thinner.