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Generation 1

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5

Generation 6

Alligator Jaw Wrenches

Dual Wrenches

6th generation

Wrenches 9070 - 9073
These were a continuation of the ERGO-series of wrenches
They were first produced in 1992
The handle is fitted with a grip sleeve of a thermoplastic elastomer.
Had a ruler on the head.

Was produced in phosphate or chrome.
Chrome-plated wrench has a C after the size number.
These wrenches  also performed as pipe wrenches with the

designation 9070P - 9073P.
The chrome-plated versions, had the names 9070PC- 9073PC



Wrenches 9029 and 9031

Wrenches with short handle in relation to the grip capacity.
9029 length 170 mm, gripping capacity 32 mm
9031 length 218 mm, 38 mm grip capacity.
The handle is fitted with a grip sleeve of the same type as 9070 Series.
Wrenches produced in phosphate or chrome.
Chromed designated 9029C respectively. 9031C
Wrench 9031 was first produced in 2000.
Wrench 9029 was first produced in 2003.